...because life is delicious


Welcome to my happy place! Here you will find a new type of food blog featuring illustrated children’s stories and poems with recipes.

You know how in Peter Pan, thinking happy thoughts is the secret to being able to fly? Well, my happy thoughts happen to be about stories and food. If you took a peek at this special place in my heart, you would see a cross between a castle library and a cottage kitchen.

Piles of fluffy cushions and a cup of steaming hot tea invite you to stay and enjoy the quiet morning or afternoon. So please, make yourself at home and taste just how delicious imagination can be.

About Tracy

Hello! I’m Tracy. I’m here to write stories that taste good. They are for everyone to enjoy; for both little and big kids and especially the kid inside all of us.

My stories are created in a space between the nostalgia of my childhood, the imagination inspired by travels around the world, and of course, what I eat. Most of my story ideas come when I’m in transit: driving cars, sitting in buses or trains, flying in planes, or riding my bicycle or motorcycle.

Coincidentally I went to college to study transportation, did my Master’s thesis on parking and worked in transportation operations at Stanford University. When not working, you’ll find me buying pastries at a bakery, reading in the children’s picture book section of a bookstore, playing games with friends, or being active outdoors or in the gym.