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Nateea’s Quest

Nateea is a village outcast who is not good at anything. One day feeling lost and worthless, she flees in frustration and meets a clay spirit who asks her for help on a journey to a volcano. Food Pairing is Taro Coconut Mochi.

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There’s a Monster in My Closet

There are probably as many children’s stories about monsters in closets as there are clothes in my closet. But what if finding a monster in your closet was… normal, and you were the only one surprised? Join Marley as he gets to know his monster. Recipe is Chinese Tea Eggs.

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Kitara’s Tea Party

In Kitara’s Tea Party, a fox finds a snake blocking the only path through the mountain. All she has is her wits and a picnic basket. How will she make it to her party? Food pairing is lavender snickerdoodle cookies.

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Meet – Tessa Cook Food Sharing App Co-Founder

Meet Tessa Cook – Food Sharing App Co-Founder

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