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Nateea’s Quest

Nateea is a village outcast who is not good at anything. One day feeling lost and worthless, she flees in frustration and meets a clay spirit who asks her for help on a journey to a volcano. Food Pairing is Taro Coconut Mochi.

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Annalise and the Sky

In Annalise and the Sky, an eight year old albino girl finds a piece of the sky and discovers that it comes from the other side of the world. Follow her on her journey of independence, curiosity and bravery. When Annalise sleeps, the boundaries between her imagination and reality blur, and she is faced with a life-changing decision. Food pairing is Cherry Cobbler.

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Ollie and the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ollie and the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie is inspired by my journey to try and find the single undisputed, unanimous perfect cookie recipe that existed only in my imagination. That is until I discovered the secret. Food pairing is my perfect chocolate chip cookie – with dark chocolate and pecans.

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Just Space

This poem was inspired by my appreciation for all the wonderful spaces that life has to offer. I wanted to celebrate the simple things that bring me joy – and scones with tea is one of them. Food pairing with this story is Apricot Coconut Scones.

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Meet – Tessa Cook Food Sharing App Co-Founder

Meet Tessa Cook – Food Sharing App Co-Founder

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